A Heap of Updates After the Silence

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the long time silence. I meant to post more but got overwhelmed by TAFE and other things.

RPG Maker MV came out a day early for pre-order customers but I haven't messed around in it yet.

I've instead been hard at work catching up TAFE as I have now come up to the final month of TAFE. Part of one of my Assessments was creating a Wordpress.com blog and I will be running it with this blog. The difference is that it will focus on RPG Maker MV stuff only instead of being more general like this one. You can find that here.

After I catch up/finish my TAFE course I will start experimenting with either porting my game over from VX Ace or just recreating it in MV.

Also I found out four days ago that my Prize Pig entry won first place! I'm really happy that my work paid off and am now even more excited to get back to developing.

I will be hard at work over the next few weeks and will hopefully be able to get back to developing and creating things soon.

Seeya Later,


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Karate Camp and Future Plans

Hey Eeveryone,

Sorry for the lack of updates but I was away Friday to Monday afternoon at the 2015 KRMAS Annual National Camp.

This is an annual camp that is held by my system of karate where you can go to learn heaps of new things in a fun filled weekend of seminars.

It is also the only place to grade for any level of Black Belt.

I am currently a 2nd Kyu (Brown belt with a Black stripe in the middle) and I am hoping to grade for my 1st Kyu (Black belt with a White stripe in the middle) at the camp next year.

The next few days I will be busy catching p my TAFE and will try and get it done so I can resume working on my Fantasy World/Universe and my Game Making.

I will also be refining my Prize Pig entry as the deadline has been re-opened and extended to September 7th, 11:59PM UTC.

My blog posts will come along as I make progress and hopefully I won't keep forgetting.

Seeya Later,


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Prize Pig Update

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I have been hard at work refining my Adventurezator level. I managed to fix the problems as well as adding in a couple items to make it easier. I also created all the cutscenes I needed.

Now all I have to do is wait.

I also worked some more on my Vector Art Manga and am creating one based on a drawing I have scanned.

I am hoping to get some work done on my Fanatasy World/Universe I have been developing over a few years. It is nearly in a state where I can start creating things set in it but I am up to creating the Races and Nations that will populate the world.

I may even do some work in RPG Maker VX Ace if I have time.

I will try and make a blog post tonight if I remember.

Seeya Later,


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After IGMC and Prize Pig News

Hey Everyone,

In the last couple days I have been working through Beginning with RPG Maker VX Ace by Darrin Perez. 

I have also decided to get back into drawing Manga and started with trying to convert my scanned pencil drawing into Vector Art using Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. I have only made a little progress and will post an image when I have more.

On a more Game Making related note I discovered the other day that my Prize Pig entry only had one ending possible due to a small mistake. I posted in the Discussions asking if I could edit it to fix the problem and got a reply back stating that they had made an update to Adventurezator that fixed some problems that were affecting the Workshop and the Submissions and consequently are allowing till Sunday to edit and re-upload the levels.

I also found out that my level has made it into the top three finalists which are to be judged next week!

I am going to fix the problems that have been discovered in the level and also try and make the cutscenes that I wasn't able to before due to time constraints.

Seeya Later,


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IGMC Day 31: The Final Day and my Thoughts

Hey Everyone,

The reason for no blog post yesterday was because I worked hard all day and some of the night and then collapsed into my bed.

I decided to drop my game and focus on making an Adventurezator level.

I worked hard all day and part of the night till about 11 PM and then I spent like 30 minutes trying to upload it >_>

I am very happy with my level and managed to get basically everything done in it except for cutscenes which were not a requirement.

Aside from a few graphical errors which I couldn't / didn't have time to fix the level is playable and from what I tested finishable.

It has two different endings depending on which objectives you complete.

If you have Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly and want to check it out here's the link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=495621048&searchtext= .

Now for some general thoughts on the IGMC 2015 experience.

Overall this was a great experience for me.

Even though I didn't complete a proper game due to unexpected circumstances I enjoyed the process of making what I did immensely.

I am now also inspired to go on and learn how to use RPG Maker VX Ace though not as much now since the announcement of the new RPG Maker MV and the lack of backwards compatibility.

I still hope to at least finish my submission game and then will probably start learning more JavaScript as that is what RPG Maker MV will be using instead of Ruby which is what RPG Maker VX Ace used.

I also hope to invest in a decent laptop in the near future so I can start experimenting with some of the new engines I have.

I am now going to hopefully sleep for about a week...maybe more...

Seeya Later,



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