Karate Camp and Future Plans

Hey Eeveryone,

Sorry for the lack of updates but I was away Friday to Monday afternoon at the 2015 KRMAS Annual National Camp.

This is an annual camp that is held by my system of karate where you can go to learn heaps of new things in a fun filled weekend of seminars.

It is also the only place to grade for any level of Black Belt.

I am currently a 2nd Kyu (Brown belt with a Black stripe in the middle) and I am hoping to grade for my 1st Kyu (Black belt with a White stripe in the middle) at the camp next year.

The next few days I will be busy catching p my TAFE and will try and get it done so I can resume working on my Fantasy World/Universe and my Game Making.

I will also be refining my Prize Pig entry as the deadline has been re-opened and extended to September 7th, 11:59PM UTC.

My blog posts will come along as I make progress and hopefully I won't keep forgetting.

Seeya Later,


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