Long Time Break

Hey Everyone,

I know it's been a long time since my last blog post but allow me to explain why.

I spent the next two weeks from my last blog post catching up on TAFE before I went away for three weeks to do some part-time sheep work.

After I got back from that I have spent the last week catching up on the week of TAFE I missed when I went away.

I did manage to work a bit more on my Fantasy World/Universe while I was away though and I now have a couple more races starting to form.

I have put what was my IGMC game on hold as we now have a heap more info and a release date for RPG Maker MV. There has also been announced that there will be a converter for going from Ace to MV but it won't convert graphics or scripts due to the language change. The release date is the 23rd October and I have pre-ordered so that I get the two DLC packs and pre-order bonuses.

At this stage I think I will keep working on the non-engine work for my game and then recreate it in RPG Maker MV when it is released as I will be able to export to Android as well as have an awsome character generator.

I also recently invested in a heap of Udemy courses with a focus on learning Unity3D and 3D modelling. There are also a few on creating vector graphics and other graphics for games. I will be working through these courses over the next few months and hopefully start experimenting with 3D Game Making.

So a lot of stuff will be happening in the future and if all goes well I will keep more regular posts.

Seeya Later,


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