A Heap of Updates After the Silence

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the long time silence. I meant to post more but got overwhelmed by TAFE and other things.

RPG Maker MV came out a day early for pre-order customers but I haven't messed around in it yet.

I've instead been hard at work catching up TAFE as I have now come up to the final month of TAFE. Part of one of my Assessments was creating a Wordpress.com blog and I will be running it with this blog. The difference is that it will focus on RPG Maker MV stuff only instead of being more general like this one. You can find that here.

After I catch up/finish my TAFE course I will start experimenting with either porting my game over from VX Ace or just recreating it in MV.

Also I found out four days ago that my Prize Pig entry won first place! I'm really happy that my work paid off and am now even more excited to get back to developing.

I will be hard at work over the next few weeks and will hopefully be able to get back to developing and creating things soon.

Seeya Later,


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