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Today we traveled to the south of the country. To do this we went west then south to the city of Gloucester to visit the Glouscester Cathedral where is buried Edward 2 King of England and rumoured Robert Duke of Normandy.

This Cathedral was commenced in 1069 with the building of the crypts (which we visited) and chapels and totally completed 11 years later.

The finished Cathedral as you see it now is a combination of three styles the first is the Romanesque/Norman, the second The Early English and the last Perpendicular.

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No walking the Dog/s this morning.

This morning we went to the village of Pitsford-Brampton to a Vintage fair which had a combination of steam power, vintage cars and trucks, canival rides and sale stalls.

From here we went to the great City of Oxford a seat of learning and education from the 1300s

We travelled by car to outer Oxford to catch a double decker bus to the City.

View from top of bus. (very scary)

How old are these buildings! the tower is the oldest building in Oxford called the Saxon Tower 1020ad


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Today was the day to visit the London Museum, this time we travelled by car to High Barnet.To catch the underground to Tottenham Court rd Station.

So much to see so little time
We decided to visit the Assyrian.

The Egyptian.

The Greek.

The above with Robbie is the head of a column of the pathenon to give you and idea of the size of the building.
The medieval.

We finished this Lords day by going to church at Wellingborough Tabernacle.


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Today we started the day with walking the dog with Warren, this time we walked around the crops of a nearby farmer one field of oats and two of wheat. Then we drove to Edgeware and caught a train (so cute) to experience the famous London underground railway.

The reason for this trip was that we where going to London to visit the Tower of London (which is actually a castle and a number of towers)

For this special occation London turn on a typical english summers day, starting with a constant drizzle and ending with rain.

So what do you get to see in the Tower of London? A place that explains the making of coins, a Kings chamber, A place that explains the 'Royal Menagerie' (zoo), torture chambers, prisons boat houses, The headquarters of the Welsh Fusliers, the white Tower which houses the Royal Armoury and the centre piece of the hole thing the 'Crown Jewels'

We could not leave London without going to Elephant & Castle

To see the Metropolitan Tabernacle Church the church of Charles Haddon Spurgeon the Baptist 'Prince of Preachers'


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Day one of our visit to the U.K. In the morning we went for a walk in the village of Walgrave, Northhamptonshire. (where my son and his wife live) We visited St Peter's C of E built 1633 well before Australia was discovered. Then walked to the Baptist Chapel. We walked pasted the post office up to the old school. We enquires of a passing resident "In which direction are the shops" to which she replied " there are none, but there is a pub up the road" Next on the schedule was a walking the dogs with Marie's mum Vera around the village common fields and watched the tractor slashing. 

Had a look at the garden. This is the size of the rhubarb!
Photograph of a blue dragonfly. 

Spending time in the herb garden with Richard Marie's Dad watching him do a stock take. Next Vera took us for lunch at the Beckworth Emporium in Sywell which was wonderfull, then looked at all the local produce. We saw our first grey squirrel! From there we went to a shopping centre at Western Favell to see Tesco super store (massive). Here I experienced my first Mocha in a super hugh cup which was bought as a medium. Then we drove around Northampton City one word strikes me about this place atmosphere this place just oozes atmosphere, and finished at the "Daily Bread Shop" an organic ingredients shop. Thence to Moulton to see a genuine thatched roof and an old telephone box converted to a book exchange. We finished off the day at "the pub" called the Royal Oak for a typical pub dinner, on offer was Scampy, pork belly, Camembert, lasagna and Parmesan chicken

This will I hope be the recording of our journey to self sufficiency and the building of a christian community. I believe that we as a family have been called to Christian Agrarianism.


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