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At the moment we are trying to sell last springs young if your interested let us know


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Oh the joy of redesigning and constructing garden beds while still having the crops in. Courtesy of the rail authority who gave us 200 sleepers, It is not an easy task, the weight alone breaks one back. Trying to level the whole thing, because the garden is the left over from the soil that came out of the ground to make the swimming pool before we got here. Digging trenches here and filling holes there. Then squaring it up only to find all the old wonky garden beds don't line up. Oh the joy of it all. The plus side is that it's looking absolutely great and its much safer to walk around.


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We are currently going throught a plague of mice how do you go about keeping
the mice out of your garden? Our beetroot is taking a heavy loss.


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We are now back from holidays and are back into the full swing of things.

The Lord has been gracious to us in that while we where away not watering our garden especially during the heat wave, we did not loose all our fruit and vegetables. We only lost the cucumbers, lettuces and rock melon. The button squashes, zucchini, egg plant and tomatoes are now coming back well with watering. I have now planted lettuce and capsicum seedlings. and I hope to plant a whole lot more seeds into trays to keep them out of the heat till they are established.


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It was so good over the holiday period with all the family to be able to
supplement the meals with vegetables from the garden, Corn, lettuce,
cucumber, zucchini and potatoes. On the down side with all the rain the
mosquitoes have made it impossible to keep up with the weeds the new bug
zapper has mowed them down.


This will I hope be the recording of our journey to self sufficiency and the building of a christian community. I believe that we as a family have been called to Christian Agrarianism.


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